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Bluetooth sensor management solution - beac

Beac is an accounting and information system based on modern technologies (smartphones, iBeacon sensors and NFC tags).

Several usage examples:

Do you want to see when your employee arrived at work and what time he left? - great. In this case, you will need to install the iBeacon Bluetooth sensor at the entrance to the premises and install the Beac app on the phone for employees. Every time an employee enters or leaves, a record will appear in the Beac system in real time.

Do you want to inform the customer about a promotion in one or another store in the shopping center? You install the iBeacon Bluetooth transmitter next to the store and install the Beac plugin in your mobile application. When the customer approaches the store (or a certain place), he will receive your message (in text, audio or video format).

Do you have heavy-duty dump trucks and you need to count how many times they brought the cargo to the unloading place? In this case, you place an iBeacon sensor in each car and a Bluetooth receiver with software at the unloading point. You will be able to know exactly which car has discharged and how many times. You can find more possibilities of use and their detailed descriptions here.

How does it work?

The Beac system captures events when a mobile phone scans nearby iBeacon transmitters or sends a notification to the user's mobile phone when it is near the transmitter.

I.e. the user moves with the mobile phone in a closed or open space. After detecting an iBeacon sensor nearby, the user's phone asks the Beac system what actions it needs to take. The system provides an answer to the phone about what actions need to be taken. Or the reverse option: the mobile phone (another bluetooth scanning device) is installed stationary, while users with ibeacon sensors move. Transmitters using Bluetooth V4 technology are completely autonomous and use an internal battery (from 1 to 4 years, depending on the model and sensor configuration). The sensors send a signal around themselves from 1 to 75 meters (signal strength is determined during installation). Almost all modern mobile phones or other equipment can read such a signal. This means that we can recognize a device that has approached a certain place or even calculate the time it spent in that place.

Advantages and why it is useful?

  • You probably already have the technical equipment for your tasks and your investment will be small
  • These are opportunities and technologies that simply did not exist before
  • Very simple and fast installation of the system
  • Cloud-based solution, so you don't need to have your own servers.
  • The possibility of exporting data to other systems you already have
  • Simple and clear reports

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