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Locks for lockers

We represent one of the largest and most reliable manufacturers of electronic locks in Europe - the company OJMAR, which specializes in the production of locks (from simple mechanical to smart electronic locks).

RFID locks for lockers

Automation of cabinet locks with RFID technology! Automating cabinet locks has never been easier. This new technology can save you time and financial resources! You will no longer need separate keys for each cabinet, no need to change the lock when the key is lost. With one card/token or wristband, you will unlock as many locks as will be programmed. You will have the ability to choose any free locker and associate its lock with your key.

This technological solution is suitable for the automation of new and existing locker locks. RFID locks have excellent functional properties, are very convenient and long-lasting.

Automated locks can be applied both to a few cabinets and to a particularly large number of them.

They are often used: in sports clubs, swimming pools, spa centers, offices, factories, etc.Ojmar lockOjmar lockOjmar lock

Cabinet locks with code
For areas of business or type of service where the customer does not have and cannot carry either a key or an electronic (RFID bracelet, card or pendant) identifier, electronic code locks are necessary. When the user comes to the locker, he enters his code and locks the door, when he returns, he unlocks it with the same code. This solution is perfect for conventional or self-service sports clubs, offices or manufacturing companies.

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Card/coin locks

When electronic locks are not needed or simply too expensive, and you have electronic subscription cards, we can help you.

Mechanical card locks are locks for sports clubs, shops or other institutions. These locks only release the key when the card is left. And later, the card can only be picked up when the key is in the lock. This ensures that the keys will always be returned, and if someone forgets, you can easily find who did it.


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