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Access control on the "CLOUD" platform

nfc labs access control software and hardware

Praėjimo kontrolės paskirtis:

  • protect and control access to certain areas or doors;
  • ensure easy and quick access;
  • get everywhere with one identifier.

Identifiers can be different technologies: RFID (NFC) card, mobile phone, barcode, etc.

Advantages of our proposed system:

  • Ability to control all types of equipment: doors, turnstiles, lifting gates.
  • A web-based access control solution that allows you to easily access the administration environment and add new employees to the rosters both on the local network and on demand over the Internet.
  • Online/offline access control solution. Information about permissions to pass can be stored both on controllers and on local or remote servers (depending on the need).
  • Integration with third-party software. (e.g. in an office building you want to integrate with the conference room reservation system, etc.)
  • The possibility of unlocking the door with the help of a mobile phone (after installing NFC-type readers, they can be controlled with mobile phones supporting the NFC function or access card)
  • Data is stored centrally. Ability to manage different departments from one place in a web environment.

High level of security. Data is encoded and protected in all data transmission channels.



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